The majority of portable suction devices are powered by sealed lead acid batteries. While a sealed lead acid battery is a very stable and reliable battery chemistry, the battery can lose capacity creating the need to purchase a replacement battery for your portable suction device. When buying a replacement battery for your portable suction device there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Purchase the battery from a supplier who distributes batteries from a reputable manufacturer.

There are many off-brand batteries that have not been tested with your portable suction device and they may not deliver the performance you require from your portable suction device. If possible, you should purchase the same brand of battery that came with the device or purchase the battery directly from the manufacturer.

2. Make sure the battery rating specifications and dimensions match your original battery.  

There may be charging characteristics built into the electrical system of your portable suction device based upon a specific battery specification.  A modification to the battery specification could compromise the safety or performance characteristics of your suction device.

3. Only purchase the quantity of batteries that you need, do not store additional batteries unless you are able to keep them on charge. 

While it may be convenient to have spare batteries on hand, you do not want to order extra batteries unless you have the capability to keep the batteries on charge during the time they are being stored.  Batteries will lose capacity (approximately 3% per month at room temperature) as they sit on the shelf if they are not being kept on charge. If the battery sits on the shelf over 6 months without being charged, the battery could be discharged when you need it. A good supplier should have a stock of replacement batteries immediately available to ship via next day air in case of an emergency. 

4. Purchase batteries from a supplier who properly cares for the batteries.

A battery that is being stocked should be charged at a minimum of every 6 months. If a supplier keeps batteries on their shelf for extended periods of time and does not charge them at least every 6 months, there is a good possibility the “new” battery you purchase will have lost capacity and will not run your portable suction device to specification. Try to find a supplier that rotates their stock of batteries often or keeps the batteries on charge while they are being stored. Typically the manufacturer of your portable suction device will rotate their stock frequently ensuring the battery you purchase from them is a healthy battery at full capacity.


The cost of a replacement battery should not be the determining factor when deciding what replacement battery to purchase for your portable suction device. There are other factors to consider such as the specifications of the battery and most importantly, how to ensure the replacement battery you purchase is at full capacity to ensure your portable suction device will once again, perform to specification.


Replacing a depleted battery in your portable suction device is one way to ensure your battery powered portable suction device will operate to specification. Another way to ensure your portable suction device is performing to specification is to routinely test the performance of the vacuum pump. You can use the SSCOR Aspirator Test Kit to test the performance of your vacuum pump. To get your free Aspirator Test Kit, click on this link and fill out the form: Free Aspirator Test Kit.