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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done, and sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of taking care of yourself in the hustle and bustle of life. We tend to take our lungs for granted and ignore the value in having a healthy airway. There are many ways to ensure that you are keeping your airway at its best. The American Lung Association has identified key areas in which people tend to fall short of a healthy airway.

Avoid smoking


Smoking has been popular for decades through cigars and cigarettes, but today, there are a number of methods people choose from when it comes to smoking – including vapes and e-cigarettes. Research has allowed us to correlate cigarette smoking with lung cancer, but with vaping, there is a lack of research. The effects of these harmful toxins being inserted into the body is somewhat unknown in comparison to traditional smoking methods. Over time, these types of activities can destroy lung tissue and make it difficult for you to breathe. It’s best to avoid picking up the habit!


Avoid air pollutants


Indoor air quality can make a huge difference in the health of your lungs. The American Lung Association states that most of the time our indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Chemicals in the home, second hand smoke intake or mold can have a negative effect on the health of the airway.


As far as the outdoors, natural occurrences may have a terrible impact on the quality of your health. Avoid exercising or partaking in outdoor activities on days where the air quality is poor to ensure you aren’t exposed to harmful pollutants.

Check-ups and exercising


Getting regular check-ups at your doctor can keep you accountable for the health of your airway. This way, your lungs will consistently be monitored and any concerns can be documented to prevent future health issues. Regularly exercising can also improve your overall health – especially your lungs!


In addition to physical exercise, breathing exercises are key to overall airway health. Over time, stale air builds up in your lungs, which can cause the lungs to not work at full capacity. Because of this, other parts of the body have to overcompensate, resulting in lower oxygen levels and less energy for exercise. The American Lung Association has a variety of breathing exercises to boost your lung health.


Sleeping with pets


We know that you love sleeping with your furry family members, but your lungs don’t. According to Start Sleeping, you shouldn’t allow an animal to sleep in your bed – or even your room in general. This is because pet dander circulates throughout the room, which means that you are breathing in that same dander. It is a good idea to keep your bedroom door closed throughout the day to ensure the least amount of contamination possible.


Cooking with proper ventilation


In the kitchen, proper ventilation while cooking is imperative to the health of your airway. Cooking certain foods can cause unpleasant smoke and aromas in your home. In addition to that, natural gas and propane burners release toxins into the air that can have a negative effect on your lungs.


Prioritize your airway health


At the end of the day, your airway health is so important – but it can easily be forgotten. Taking the time to prioritize your lungs will pay off in the long run, and you’ll be happy that you set yourself up for optimal health and success.

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