Life as an EMT is about more than just administering the right medication or performing the correct procedure at the ideal time. It’s deeply emotional work that requires keen interpersonal skills, ongoing conflict management, and a sharp attention to details others might miss. 


No matter how many journal articles you read or continuing education courses you take, if you neglect the human side of emergency medicine, you’re sure to miss something. 


These blogs, podcasts, and social accounts view emergency medicine through many different lenses, offering a holistic account of what it means to work in this challenging field. Here are 10 of the best blogs and social accounts for EMTs to follow. 



Dedicated to the practices of maximally aggressive curative and palliative care, the EMCrit blog and podcast dig deeply into medical ailments both common and rare, encouraging providers to pay closer attention and solve problems that seem unsolvable. 


A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver

A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver is a highly personal look at what it means to work in emergency medical services (EMS). You don’t have to drive ambulances to relate; the pressure, emotional toll, and high stakes will be familiar to anyone who works in emergency services. 



FlightBridgeED is a premier continuing education provider. In a relatable yet highly academic format, its blog brings real-world insights and emerging research to bear on the many challenges EMS providers face. 



Serving as a sort of one-stop shop for emergency medicine providers, FOAMfrat serves up a steady dose of podcasts, continuing education seminars, and thoughtful blog posts tackling pressing questions, best practices, and scientific innovations. 


Medical Mysteries

AIDS started as a mysterious illness that people thought only afflicted the gay community. And mental illness was once treated as a disease of the soul, not the brain. Medical Mysteries tells the tale of numerous new and old medical conundrums and leaves listeners with the uncomfortable feeling that we know much less than we think we do. 


This Podcast Will Kill You

If you love a good puzzle, This Podcast Will Kill You combines the wit of two epidemiologists who tackle epidemics, common maladies, and everything in between. Though the tone is lighthearted, the content is thoughtful. 


Straight Talk MD

Medicine touches every aspect of daily lives, from the vaccine wars to the response to wildfires. Straight Talk MD is a podcast that tackles a wide range of public health issues, including ongoing medical controversies, in a science-informed and down-to-earth fashion. 


Everyday EMS Tips

Everyday EMS Tips helps you get better at your job no matter where you work or with whom. From step-by-step guides to philosophical deep dives into common ethical issues, you’ll find a little bit of everything here.


Reddit Paramedics

Part advice column, part discussion group, Reddit Paramedics offers a little bit of everything. Get advice on managing a relationship when your job is high stress. Learn how to talk to your boss about ethical issues. Seek support when you need it. This subreddit leaves posters in a potentially isolating field feeling less alone. 


Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic

There’s something about hearing first-person accounts of paramedic life that can make the daily battles and trauma feel less intimidating. Notes of a Paramedic chronicles a little bit of everything, models how to handle challenging issues, and presents meaningful points of discussion to bat around with friends and colleagues. 


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