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The Effects of Mass Shootings on First Responders

On June 12, 2016, a gunman opened fire in a crowded Orlando nightclub, eventually killing 49 people before being shot dead by police. Now, one year later, many of the first responders tasked with treating the injured and tending the dead are still grappling with the haunting memories of that tragic night. For some, it’s been hard to move on. Read Article

The New Normal?

With mass shootings now a common occurrence, many agencies are focusing on training and education to prepare their personnel for these frighteningly frequent events. Is your department ready? Here are three articles that show how first responders across the country are preparing for large-scale mass casualty events.


Funding Sources

Here is a link to potential government funding sources that allow departments to develop training and educational initiatives for their personnel. Perhaps your department could benefit from MCI preparedness training. View Site


First Responder Health and Fitness

To better prepare for mass casualty events, your agency’s priority should be individual health and safety. Here are three articles that discuss the advantages of employee wellness programs and how your department can get the ball rolling.


And from the SSCOR Blog…

In case a mass casualty situation occurs in your area, be sure your equipment is up to the task. Here are two excellent posts that discuss the role of portable suction in trauma and MCIs.


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