This Month in Emergency Preparedness News: Gearing Up for Summer!

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a slew of summer-related emergencies. From natural disasters to drownings to close encounters with stinging insects, the warm months usher in a plethora of deadly events that you, the emergency responder, must be prepared for.


So, this month in Emergency Preparedness News, we'll examine the many ways summer can turn deadly and how you can prepare for the worst.


EMS and Disaster Preparedness

The summer months can bring with them a range of weather-related emergencies. Tornadoes can rip through the plains, hurricanes can decimate the southeast, and wildfires can scorch just about any drought-stricken area.


If your department is part of a disaster response team, or is interested in building one, here are a few articles that provide valuable guidance.


Here's What YOU Need for Disaster Response Teams


The Big Picture: Where Do You Fit In?


Summertime Medical Emergencies

To prepare for the inevitable summertime medical crises, here are some great articles on various subjects that will ensure you can handle any patient, anywhere.


Boning Up on Pediatric Emergencies


Responding to Remote Areas: Are You Prepared?

Summertime Suction Machine Maintenance: Tips of the Trade

In the waning months of summer, when the temperature can reach dangerous levels, we must take special precautions to protect our equipment and ensure it remains functional, even under extreme conditions. Check out our blog with tips on machine maintenance for your portable suction unit.

Three Common Summertime Respiratory Emergencies Requiring Portable Suction

Read our blog on three common summertime respiratory emergencies requiring suction so you can be fully prepared and ready for these summertime issues if they arise.

Heat Emergencies: How to Recognize Them


The Physiology of Heat Emergencies


Environmental Emergencies: A Broader Picture


Everything you need to know to help your institution make the right portable  suction purchase >

Drowning Emergencies

It seems drowning and summer go hand in hand. Here are three articles that will not only help you treat patients but may come in handy if you find yourself in danger.


How to Survive a Near Drowning!


Drowning and Hypoxia: How the Body Responds


Cold Water Drowning: A Case Study


Bites and Stings: The Ins and Outs of Anaphylaxis

As we spend more time outside, we're bound to encounter bugs. Here are four articles that will help you prepare for those critical anaphylactic emergencies.


Recognizing an Allergic Reaction


Treating Anaphylaxis: The Importance of a Thorough Assessment


Pediatric Anaphylaxis: What You Should Know


Anaphylaxis and Epi: A Perfect Partnership


Preparing for summertime emergencies takes preplanning. Don't wait for the disaster to happen; make sure you have the proper training, equipment, and knowledge to handle whatever summer throws at you.


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