Rechargeable Batteries of Portable Suction Units?

Have you ever needed to clear a patient’s airway in a location where in-wall suction was not available? If so, you definitely recognize the importance of having a reliable portable suction unit. Not only do you want your unit to be lightweight and deliver appropriate suction, you want to be assured that your rechargeable battery is not going to fizzle out on you at a critical time.

Thankfully, today there are many units on the market that can run at full power for extended amounts of time, hopefully eliminating that undesirable scenario. So, what can one expect from a typical rechargeable battery?

Battery Stats

Most portable suction units feature a 12-volt DC sealed lead acid battery. After a full charging time of six to eight hours, these units will be capable of suctioning for an average of 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

Most battery systems are now designed to “drop to float” when fully charged. This keeps the battery at maximum charge, without overcharging it, and helps maintain the life of the rechargeable battery.

Many portable suction units also have clear battery-life indicators. Often seen as a series of LED lights, this will show the battery’s charging status, as well as how much run-time is left for that unit. This valuable information allows the user to operate the suction unit with confidence.

An Alternative to Rechargeable Batteries

Even with increased reliability and performance of AC/DC portable suction units, another option to consider is alkaline battery-powered suction devices. SSCOR’s DCell Suction unit uses off-the-shelf D Cell alkaline batteries and can run for 6 to 9 hours without needing to be recharged.

Portable suction units like this are critically important during times of extended power outages, such as in the midst of a natural disaster. By keeping a solid supply of alkaline batteries on hand, you can be assured to have quality medical vacuum for days at a time.

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is being prepared to handle the unexpected twists and turns that can arise. With a good portable suction machine on hand, however, being able to keep your patient’s airway clear is one thing that you won’t need to worry about.